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People who deny Heavenly Mother say: "The Bride of the Lamb in Rev 19:7 is the church(saints), not Heavenly Mother."

But what a mistake they are making, because through the Bible you can clearly testify that the Bride is Heavenly Mother in

Rev 19:7 "Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his Bride has made herself ready."

If the Bride is the saints, who are "those who are invited?"

In Revelation, there is the bridegroom, the bride and the people who are invited to the wedding supper.

Rev 19:9 "Write, blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!"

The people who are invited to the wedding are not the bridegroom or the bride. If the bride was the saints, who would "the people who are invited" be? Answer it if you can!!!

They are the saints who receive the blessing of eternal life, therefore the wife of the Lamb is NOT the saints, but Heavenly Mother Jerusalem.

To prove this, Jesus left many parable, for example the parable of the Heavenly Banquet. In this parable Jesus taught that the saints are described as the invited, NOT as a bride.

Mark 2:19-20 "Jesus answered, "How can the guest of the Bridegroom fast while he is with them? They cannot, as long as they have him with them." But the time will come when the Bridegroom will be taken from them, and on that day they will fast."

Mt 22:1-14 "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a king who prepare a wedding banquet for his son.....the wedding hall was filled with GUESTS. But when the king came in to the guests, he noticed a man there who as not wearing wedding clothes. Friend, he said: "How did you get in here without wedding clothes?" The man was speechless....many are invited, but fer are chosen."

So, the insistence that the wife of the Lamb in Rev 19 is the saint who will be saved is an insistence of those who interpret the Bible in one way and deny the absolute prophecy that God wrote in the Bible.

Christ Ahnsahnghong has revealed to us all the mysteries of the Bible so that we can believe. Christ Ahnsahnghong clarify throughout the Bible that the Bride is our Heavenly Mother. Through Christ Ahnsahnghong's love and sacrifice He has opened to way for us to receive salvation. Let's believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong who is the savior in these last days.


From the first book of the bible to the last book of the bible, every verse truly testifies about our Savior Heavenly Mother Jerusalem!!!!!!

December 27, 2007 at 12:24 PM  

If you claim to be a Christian, then you can clearly see in the bible that Heavenly Mother God Truly exist.

December 27, 2007 at 12:25 PM  

Revelation 1:1 "The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, 2who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ."

But what did he see?

Revelation 21:9 "One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues came and said to me, "Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb." 10And he carried me away in the Spirit to a mountain great and high, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God."

So who is the Word of God? Holy City Jerusalem, who is Our Mother!

December 27, 2007 at 12:26 PM  

In the Book of the Bible, Revelation 22:17 The Spirit and the Bride say Come!
We know that the Spirit is our Father, and then the Bride must be our Heavenly Mother!
The entire bibles testify to this.

Brothers and Sisters let us continue to testify about our Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother to the end.

December 27, 2007 at 12:27 PM  

Wow it so amezing that hevenly father christ Ahnsahnghong came to this earth to show us our hevenly mothe from genesses to revelation he shows our hevenly mother New really meet the true bried of god is so amezing for only our heavenly mother can give us spiritual birth...

December 31, 2007 at 9:15 AM  

How is it possible that people can be so deceive by all the churches, and say that the Bride is the saints. But that does not make any sense. I know that sometimes we are refered as the bride because we need to be faithfull to God. But The Bride, the wife of the Lamb in revelation is our Heavenly Mother Jerusalem. Thank You Father Ahnsahnghong for showing us the truth.

January 4, 2008 at 3:33 PM  

Heavenly Mother is amazing. The bible testifies that we have a Heavenly Mother. We our the church couldn't be the Bride because we are the saints who have recieved eternal life because of our Heavenly Father Ahn Sahng Hong and Heavenly Mother. Thank you, Heavenly Father and eavenly Mother.

February 6, 2008 at 12:01 PM  

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