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Christ Ahnsahnghong also testified that the Sunrise Theory is in the Bible by the word "tomorrow".

1 Sa 19:11-12 "Saul sent men to David's kill him in the morning.......I you don;t run for you life tonight, tomorrow you will be killed..."

According to the Sunset Theory, the night and then the day which comes after the night have to be the same day. However, Christ Ahnsahnghong testifies that the Bible calls the coming morning "tomorrow", "today".

The reason why the coming morning at the point of nighttime is called "tomorrow" is because a new day starts from morning. In other words, a day is from morning until the next morning. Therefore, the Sunset Theory is not from the Bible, but the Sunrise Theory which teaches us that the beginning of a day is morning.

If Christ Ahnsahnghong is not God, how then can He clarifies everything? That's why the people that keep insisting in wrong doctrines and denies Christ Ahnsahnghong will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


This is an important truth, because many people insist that Sabbath starts from the day before, or some weird thing. But does not make any sense. A day starts in the morning as the Bible testify. Christ Ahnsahnghong clarified it to us.

January 4, 2008 at 3:35 PM  

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Prove Ahnsahnghong

Prove Ahnsahnghong