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WOW, everything written in the Bible is to teach us, to guide us into the kingdom of heaven. That's why we have to be careful, because if we do not believe in what the Bible testify we can make the mistake of loosing the kingdom of heaven very quickly. Now in these last days the Bible testifies from Genesis to Revelation about the existence of Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother God. Christ Ahnsahnghong revealed to us that we need to keep the law of God, to have abundant faith and power of the Holy Spirit. Why should we keep the law?

Christ Ahnsahnghong testifies through this verse:

Matt. 7:21-23 "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers (you who practice lawlessness, NASB)!'"

"I never knew you." By this word Jesus meant they had no part with Him. They prophesied in the Lord's name and in His name performed many miracles; but actually they had no concern for the things of Jesus and did everything with their own thoughts. And standing before God's judgment seat, they are making a boast of what they have done, getting intoxicated with their zeal.

Christ Ahnsahnghong testifies that these people are like Peter who judged by his own thought and said to Jesus, "You shall never wash my feet." Though they performed many miracles in the Lord's name, throwing their energies, Jesus sternly said, "You have no part with Me. Away from Me, you who practice lawlessness."

"You have no part with Me." This word might be met in us, as it was in Peter. That's why the Bible puts great emphasis on obedience. We must not commit such a folly. God Ahnsahnghong is the center of our salvation. If we come to know God Ahnsahnghong and believe Him, we shall live in the will of God all the time. What God Ahnsahnghong asks of us is our faith. We ought to have an absolute faith in God.

Rom. 10:1-3 "Brothers, my heart's desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved. For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge. Since they did not know the righteousness that comes from God and sought to establish their own, they did not submit to God's righteousness."

Christ Ahnsahnghong
showed us that the above verse in Romans tells us that those who do not submit to God's righteousness to establish their own have no part with God and with salvation. So was Peter, who was corrected by Jesus.

Now the saints of Zion are living a faithful life of faith, following the gracious word of truth. To keep the faith to the end, Christ Ahnsahnghong tell us that we should continually have some part with God. "No one comes to the Father except through Me." Like this word, though we keep the laws and proclaim the word diligently, if we neglect the word of the Spirit and the Bride, we have no part with God. Even Peter would not have been saved if he had insisted on his own way and not corrected himself when Jesus pointed out his mistakes.

Christ Ahnsahnghong revealed that in Revelation 14, it is written that 144,000 are those who follow the Lamb to the end wherever He goes. But in these last days, do you know who is the Lamb?

Actually when God is in heaven it is not necessary to call God "The Lamb" this term is only used when God is in the flesh. But right now, who has come as the sacrificial Lamb? Who is in the flesh in this world at this exact minute that you are reading this blog? [HEAVENLY MOTHER JERUSALEM]. Our Mother is the Lamb now, so, who should we follow to the end? We should follow Heavenly Mother God who has been leading all the history of truth. Cherishing the will of Father God Ahnsahnghong and Mother God in our hearts, we need to look ahead into the future God foresees, let's run in the same direction with all our strength. Then we will be worthy to be called 'the 144,000 who follow the Lamb wherever She goes.'

'… follow the Lamb wherever He goes.' This word shows that the 144,000 follow God Ahnsahnghong and Mother unconditionally. All the family members of Zion all over the world are the very 144,000, those who follow the Spirit and the Bride to the end.


wow it is so good to know that christ Ahnsahnghong left our heavenly mother to fallow we can go to the kindom of heaven. heavenly mother is true love for beein very nature god staye with us till the end (last day) how beutiful it is..

March 18, 2008 at 1:09 PM  

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